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Welcome to the Classic Yacht Association!

Since 1969, the Classic Yacht Association is dedicated to the promotion, preservation, restoration and maintenance of fine, old, power-driven craft.

The CYA has an active yearly calendar of yachting, educational, and social activities to support this mission. The CYA membership is located across geographies, and members can participate in activities among all the fleets.  Join us in focusing attention on the unique craftsmanship and design of the classic era.

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Upcoming Events:

2020 CYA Bridge

L to R: Diane Lander, John Peckham, Gerry Kamilos, Garth McBride

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It's rewarding, educational, and fun!
CYA is for anyone with an interest in "fine, old motoryachts!"

About CYA

In 1969, a group of enthusiasts of vintage wooden power boats decided to form an association for the purpose of perpetuating their interests. Thus the Classic Yacht Association was organized with a dedication to promote and encourage the restoration, preservation and maintenance of fine old power-driven pleasure craft.

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Honorary Members

Honorary Members are vessels or organizations that have been nominated by a CYA Fleet, and then approved by the CYA Board of Directors, for their historical significance or contribution to classic yachting. Follow the link below for a list of all CYA Honorary vessels.

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Join CYA

We welcome and encourage anyone with an interest in fine old motor yachts to join the Classic Yacht Association.

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