The organizations listed below have extended special offers or discounts for CYA members.  Be sure to thank them for their support!

Bayside Boatworks, Inc. in Sausolito, CA offers CYA members a 10% discount on Haulouts, Painting, and Repairs.  Contact Mike Linder, 415-332-5744

Show your CYA membership card to receive a special CYA discount price.

Bristol Fashion Publications, Inc. would like to offer your membership a 15% discount off the price of our entire line of nautical books.

To receive the discount, members should visit our website at  and pick the titles they would like to purchase. After choosing the books simply phone in the order to 800-478-7147 (do not order through the site as the website order form can not deduct the discount). While placing the phone order you must mention the affiliation with Classic Yacht Association to receive the discount. It’s just that simple. You will still receive free shipping on every order.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 800-478-7147.

Dear CYA members:  As promised several years ago, I would work on getting a CYA discount program going at Fisheries Supply Co.  I have finally a put together a group discount, authorized by the owner, Carl Sutter, for CYA members.

When you set up your account, you will be able to log onto the Fisheries Supply Website, browse their catalogue and see your discounted price for items, and order items online. You can also obtain the discount in person in the Fisheries Supply Store at Mariner's Square on Lake Union, or order by phone to ship anywhere.  Fisheries Supply has a huge catalogue for all types of boating needs and will ship anywhere in the world. If nothing else, it is a great way to comparison shop.


  1. Download the registration form in PDF format or Word format.

  2. Fill out the form and mail it to Fisheries at the address below.

Once the form is completed you can return it to Peach Sanger at Fisheries Supply either by e-mail or regular mail at the address below. Once she has the information she will enter it into the FS system and assign you with an account number. In turn she will give the account number to Eda Leung, the Fisheries web wizard and she will set the account up for web access and notify the customer.

A note to existing Fisheries Supply Account holders:  If you already have a commercial account at Fisheries Supply, the CYA discount may not be quite as good as you already have.  But, if you don't already have an account you certainly will get better prices than you are now receiving at any marine supply store.

Return completed forms to:

Peach Sanger, Credit Manager
Fisheries Supply Company
1900 N. Northlake Way, Ste. 10
Seattle, WA 98103
By email:
(206)632-4462 Ext. 637, (206)633-4637 DID

I hope this program will make your boating needs more available and affordable.

Andy Blair,,
Research Media Center  206-731-3470

Traditional Foss Copper Bottom Paint is available at a discount for CYA members.  Contact Norm Manly at Foss Seattle, 206-281-3821 or email .

UPDATE, April 2009:  Foss no longer handles their own line of paint.  However the same bottom paint with a different label, "Old Sailor", is available at Farwest Paints,

Located in the San Fransisco Bay Area, the Pirates Lair  has CYA logos on file so you can order any  item from their catalog and get it customized.  They can also add the name of your boat.

By Jack Pumphrey
30% Courtesy Discount
for CYA Members
Call 877-883-8284 for free color catalog


Seattle Marine.
Show your CYA membership card to receive a special CYA discount price.

Sure Marine Services.
Show your CYA membership card to receive a special CYA discount price.

Hackworth & Co. offers discounted rates for CYA members at  1650 Borel Place #203  San Mateo, CA 94402, (650) 341-2674 Or (800) 894-9224

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