Benefits of Membership

National Roster...Printed yearly you will be listed along with other members. This ability to contact the many members of the Classic Yacht Association for support and information is invaluable.

  • Quarterly Newsletters...These newsletters are printed by both the local fleet and the National Association. They contain information and articles on members vessels, scheduled events both on land and sea, photos of members boats and more. Also contained is a classified section and advertising is free to all members.
  • Ships Store...As a CYA member you will be entitled to purchase many club related items. There are specialty clothes, club patches, burgees and gift items all sold at great prices. As new member you will receive a CYA Burgee, Engraved Brass Plaque for your boat (Classic and Vintage), Membership Card, and CYA Roster all at no extra charge.
  • Reduced Insurance Rates...Ability to purchase insurance on your vessel at a reduced cost. Because CYA members tend to be more careful and have fewer accidents, the association has been able to secure reduced insurance rates for our members. In most cases the reduced rates will more than make up for the annual CYA dues.
  • Reduced Psychiatric Bills...Knowing you are not crazy for loving that floating chunk of wood and sweat. Just the knowledge that there are other people out in the world with the same interests is somehow very reassuring.
  • Tax Advantages... The Classic Yacht Association is an exempt non-profit organization as described in Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible. Tax ID number is 90-0396800.

To Join the Classic Yacht Association, use the application form below. (Details concerning requirements for membership and dues amounts are contained on the form.) The completed form, along with your boat history, photos, and check, should be sent to a representative of the Fleet you will be joining. To find a representative, go to the Fleet Page and call, email or mail to the contact point given. 

We Welcome you to CYA!

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