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2017 Port Captains:

Bainbridge Island:   Rick and Cindy Randall

Contact:  BainbridgePort@classicyacht.org

Bremerton: Bob and Jytte Wheeler

Contact:  BremertonPort@classicyacht.org

Des Moines: Patti and Bill Linscott

Contact:  DesMoinesPort@classicyacht.org

Edmonds: Bob Birdseye

Contact:  EdmondsPort@classicyacht.org

Lake Union: Jessica and Tom Freeman

Contact:  LakeUnionPort@classicyacht.org

Olympia: Steve and MaryJane Sheldon

Contact:  OlympiaPort@classicyacht.org

Poulsbo: Tom and Patty Henderson

Contact:  PoulsboPort@classicyacht.org

Portage Bay: Mike Passage and Laura Shifflette

Contact:  PortageBayPort@classicyacht.org

Quartermaster Harbor: Jerry and Kathryn Crosby

Contact:  QHarborPort@classicyacht.org

Seattle: Dorin Robinson

Contact:  SeattlePort@classicyacht.org

Tacoma: Ann Hay

Contact:  TacomaPort@classicyacht.org

Portland: John and Jane Lebens

Contact:  PortlandPort@classicyacht.org

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